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Symphony® could seamlessly integrate with airport operations in a number of different ways:


Greenfield site: to ensure Symphony’s® scalable capacity, ranging from a Low-Cost Carrier design to a multi-deck wide-body design, will not be impeded by infrastructure, accessibility, or an existing terminal. Symphony® is designed to handle all commercial aircraft from A-F codes (ICAO).  The core building blocks of the operating systems, and the information highway, will be free of a legacy installation, and so easier to design, install and maintain.


Centre of Excellence: whereby a Symphony® terminal, for example, is selected to provide exclusively heavy lift, or wide-body lift, to increase passenger boarding for each aircraft movement, hence increasing capacity, while freeing up slots at an existing airport terminal to accommodate more airline business. The Centre of Excellence will increase the daily schedule block hours by using the newest aircraft which are  excluded from curfew restrictions, thus boosting the number of flights, passengers, and so its aviation & commercial revenues.

Twinning: A Symphony® airport terminal installed alongside a legacy terminal to fast track the build out of the existing site, to address the current capacity limitations. In addition, the airport operator can gain valuable experience with the new technologies, thus de-risking further expansion plans, and opportunities.

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