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Symphony® is an integrated multi-level airport terminal building achieving a faster turnaround by transitioning aircraft sequentially and uni-directional through adjacent rows combining multiple service cells inside the terminal building. The concept will support an existing terminal or operate a standalone facility, rather than parking and turning around the aircraft outside the terminal. The traditional stand activities such as refueling, passenger boarding / de-boarding, cabin cleaning and other related services are undertaken individually in  3 or 4 ‘cells’, (subject to client requirements)  in a defined sequence and multiple aircraft can be transitioned in adjacent rows.


Elevated departure and arrival lounges connect passengers to multi-zonal aircraft door boarding bridges, achieving substantial reductions in boarding and disembarkation times as result of the terminal gate's being close proximity to the aircraft.


Passengers experience a seamless, stress-free journey from curbside to take-off, with more dwell time to shop at retail and concession stands adjacent to their gate, thus increasing non-aviation revenues. This is in part due to vicinity to the close proximity of the shops to the aircraft and clear visibility of its boarding gate, driving passenger confidence and therefore willingness to spend before departure 

Symphony® executes all functions of a traditional terminal and is integrated with all of its multi-modal partners, including road transportation, through its curbside drop-off points and a rail station with direct links to local city and national rail services. The physical compact structure if the terminal potentially connects much better to trains stopping nearer to the aircraft by a direct vertical access from the train station platform to the gate.                                                                                             

Figure 1: Symphony® physical 1/200 scale model by A&ACI in a row-driven by TAT
Figure 2: Aircraft deplaning in cell 1.
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