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Symphony® is Aviation & Airports International Corp’s (A&AIC) concept for an integrated multi-level airport terminal building. It is designed to achieve a faster turnaround, and reduction in apron area dedicated to aircraft stands, by transiting through a terminal rather than parking and processing the aircraft outside the terminal. 

Airside expansion has meant a growth of satellite gates, metro links, bridges and pier extensions, but the ramp process still choreographs aircraft in a complex repositioning of passengers, staff and service vehicles; at gates, stands and taxiways. It is this aspect of the airport process that is often the critical path in turnaround delays.

The Symphony® terminal concept makes the reduction of terminal congestions its key priority, by utilizing its multi-level structure to enplane and deplane passengers rapidly by zone, with aircraft brought to the passengers, rather than passengers going to the aircraft. 


The design virtually eliminates ramp vehicles currently used in legacy terminals, replacing them by internal robotic systems, minimizing air pollution, and ramp damage, and reducing cost to the airline industry. 


A fully automated towing process is employed for aircraft both entering and departing the ramp area.  

The concept can be adapted to handle the full range of commercial aircraft from single to twin isle, including the A380-800 with its 80m wing span, thus providing versatility.

The terminal will produce cost efficiencies, through reduced handling costs, energy costs, and the ability to meet all protocols for the environment, health and safety, connectivity, and sustainability.  

This new terminal concept challenges legacy airport operations by allowing operation of more aircraft within a smaller airport and terminal footprint, and by reducing emissions and ramp safety incidents. The concept has wide ranging implications for the entire airport eco system. 

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