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Raymond King founded Aviation & Airports International Corp. (“AAIC”) in 1995.  Leveraging his extensive experience gained while serving with Handley Page, Transamerica, Interturbine, and AeroThrust in the jet engine and component repair business to launch AAIC into the MRO field and the aircraft servicing sector.   Over the years AAIC brought profitable repair and overhaul business to clients such as British Aircraft Corporation, Interturbine, ASL Lemwerder, Air New Zealand, and AeroThrust from customers based in forty countries on five continents.    


AAIC capitalized on the opportunities available in Asia and the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) to source needed repairs to the established European and American repair facilities.  Once AAIC gained a significant presence in the PRC, additional opportunities arose, such as Airbus overhauls, and procurement of service equipment, such as docking systems to handle major aircraft overhauls.  Some of the Asian opportunities required AAIC to provide contract negotiations, vendor selection, testing and certification with project management responsibility for the oversight of all facets of the manufacturing of European designed products in the PRC to joint specifications.  Projects were staffed by AAIC’s offices in Beijing and Shanghai.


During his extensive travel, transiting through small and large airports produced by legacy designs, Mr. King noticed that, as passenger volume progressively expanded, so did the distances that passengers had to negotiate within each terminal to get to their destination gates. Clearly, continuing passenger growth presents a major challenge for legacy terminal designs. For Mr. King and his team at AAIC this challenge became the catalyst and the driver for the development of the Symphony® terminal design concept, which represents a paradigm shift aimed to address the operational inefficiencies faced by many airports today.  The Symphony® terminal is part of an integrated transportation system connecting road, rail, sea, air passengers and cargo.





Early in his aviation career, Raymond King completed a technical apprenticeship with Handley Page Aircraft, Reading, United Kingdom (“UK”).  Raymond obtained his HNC/ONC in Mechanical Engineering at the College of Technology in Slough, UK. He then served as a weights engineer with the DeHavilland Aircraft, Hatfield, United Kingdom, and as a draftsman with British Aircraft Corporation, Weybridge, UK, and became a Member of The Royal Aeronautical Society.  His 40 years aircraft engineering and marketing experience includes system engineering and structural design involving aircraft as diverse as the Dart Herald, the BAC 3-11, Concorde, T38/F5 and Boeing 747.  

An assignment on Boeing B747 design brought Raymond to the United States and Northrop Corporation in Hawthorne California.  Once in the United States, Raymond worked with Transamerica, ITT General Controls, and with AeroThrust, a leader in engine and component repair, marketing these services to airline customers throughout five continents.  

In 1995, Raymond founded Aviation & Airports International Corp. (“AAIC”) to provide consulting services in engine, airframe, components, and docking systems to the major airlines and MRO’s of the world.  At the same time, Raymond developed Symphony® an innovative airport terminal design which represents a paradigm shift from legacy designs, and is conceived as part of an integrated transportation system connecting road, rail, sea, air passengers and cargo.



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